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Design & Fabrication

For Businesses

We work directly with contractors and business owners to create unique, customized pieces that beautifully and effectively tell a business’s story. From colorful office chairs to hand-carved bars, we design and build the ideal piece for your business's needs.

Custom Work

We are your one-stop shop for both high-end design and expert craftsmanship, working with you directly to design and build a range of custom pieces. We also take into account the layout of your home or office to find that sweet spot for your new piece.

Adam Schwoeppe, Owner of Encompass Woodworking

Our Story

Art and building have been an essential part of my life since childhood. I have always enjoyed combining creative finesse with design. My love for woodworking began while studying at Columbus College of Art and Design. With the use of wood and pieces of furniture, I have been able to communicate my artistic dream to the world.

It is my passion to design furniture and create the custom spaces my clients envision. Encompass Woodworking has grown from a one-person small woodworking studio to a passionate, talented and highly skilled team of people who work together to build beautiful pieces. We are proud to be from the Cincinnati area and to be a part of the lively revival in our city.

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